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Exchange rates

1 USD - 25.0409 CZK
1 EUR - 27.019 CZK

Special offers

Rejskova, 10/1996
3 300 000 Кс
Janovského 710/55
8 500 000 Кс
Korunní 2569/108
10 000 000 Кс
Vacínovská 790/8
6 100 000 Кс
Anglická 529/15
35 000 000 Кс
Svobodova 135/11
7 300 000 Кс

About real estate in Czech Republic

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Our clients feedback

Alena, 50, Prague, CzechRepublicSold my apartment in Prague fast and easy!
I used the services of to sell my apartment in Prague about two months ago, because of my daughter marrying a businessman from Cord...
Sandra, 31, LA, USABought a house in Prague, loving it!
I had to move to Prague for business matters, and my boss gave me two weeks to find a place to live. As simple as it sounds, I was confused, as I wa...
Dmitry, 37, Minsk, BelarusI bought a great apartment in Prague!
I wanted to thank this website for helping me save my time and money. I spent several months looking for an apartment in Prague, because me and my f...